Christina Larsen

Marketing Manager

I started at Intouch in 2017 as marketing manager and it has been my pleasure to work with such a dynamic, visionary, enthusiastic and helpful team. We have achieved a lot in the last 3 years – including launching the Intouch i4 Cloud and producing a new website which by the end of 2020 will be full of really useful features for customers and fans of Intouch. 

My past experience has included marketing beautifully designed Scandinavian furniture in Japan, award winning multi-disciplinary architects in the UK and a hi-fi specialist in Scotland whose sole aim is to bring extraordinary music to your home. Marketing such high-quality products and services makes your job very easy – make sure people know about you and then let your customers be your biggest advocates. 

4 kids and a dog keep me extremely busy but I manage to fit in the odd game of badminton and regular sessions at the gym and drinking prosecco with good friends helps with the aforementioned 4 kids (especially as I navigate the perils and joys of nearly 3 teenagers!).