Posted on 24 March 2020

COVID - 19

Keep operational safely with Intouch smart  factory remote or onsite real-time monitoring and control

Following Government advice regarding COVID-19 precautions, the Intouch team are working remotely for the moment. We remain committed to providing the same high level of service whilst ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff and customers and keeping disruption to a minimum.

For any Customers needing to remotely control and manage their manufacturing operations/processes, all the Intouch modules can be made available to view and control on any device (on site and remotely) with different user-defined permission levels. All the production data is accessible and view-able in real-time, the “drag and drop” Gantt scheduling charts can be viewed and controlled remotely and the MESi (Manufacturing Execution System Intelligence) reports are fully configurable and accessible from any device.

Several exhibitions and events that we had planned have been postponed but we are available to discuss your requirements and the Intouch system can be easily demonstrated online.

The Intouch i4 Cloud solution is a very cost-effective monthly subscription system that can be accessible immediately via the internet and has an instant ROI, is easily scale-able according to requirements with support, updates and backups managed (remotely) by us, making the system just about ‘plug and play’.