Posted on 29 June 2020

How To Choose The Right Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for you

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) monitors, manages and brings together all the different parts involved in production. Anybody searching for a new Manufacturing Execution System needs to research carefully to make sure that the system offers all the features and benefits required and will provide a significant ROI.

Selecting the right MES solution will give you the data and insights necessary to optimise your OEE, give you a competitive advantage and maximise profit.

Each manufacturer will have a different set of criteria with a variety of unique and complex needs, but some common things to consider are:

1) How long will the implementation take and how much will it cost?

How long it takes to implement MES varies depending on whether you choose an on-premise installation or whether a cloud solution is the right one for you. The on-premise solution will require a greater initial investment, whereas cloud MES solutions are subscription based models so no up-front investment is needed.

2) Does the MES provider have a proven track record?

Entrusting critical company and production data is not a decision made lightly, which is why choosing a well-established provider with an impeccable reputation and proven track record is very important. Seeing what their customers have to say about them will let you know whether the provider is the right one for you.

3) How easy is it to use?

In order for the MES to be used effectively, the system needs to be easy to operate and easy to learn. Any complicated system tends to be underutilised and teaching new staff to use it is both costly and time consuming. An MES has many different components and functions; with the shop-floor using it differently from the boardroom, for example, so it is very important that it has been intuitively designed.

4) Will it integrate with my ERP system?

Integrating MES and ERP data leads to a more accurate demand forecast, which means no unnecessary and costly stock is kept. Choosing a system that can integrate with any ERP/MRP system gives manufacturers the ability to choose the best platform for their needs.

5) Does it have reporting, analytics and Business Intelligence?

Not a traditional part of MES, the insights gained from reporting, analytics and BI (ie. Collecting, processing and translating all the data acquired) is crucial when making the right decisions to scale and grow your busines.

6) Is the solution flexible, customisable and scalable?

A flexible and customisable system will adapt to your existing and future business needs, and growth can be accommodated without having to take on and learn a new platform.


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