Iota Sigma

Iota Sigma is a quality driven manufacturer applying versatility and best practices in manufacturing plastic parts, plastic mouldings and new product assembly.

Iota Sigma’s mission is to deliver the highest quality of work at extremely competitive prices, in the shortest lead-times possible. As high quality injection moulders, they have highly experienced and committed tool-setters and operators with decades of experience.

To help with its mission and to help its dedicated workforce produce a more consistent, high standard of work, Iota Sigma decided to implement Intouch in January 2021.

Jamie Stead (Operations Manager) was looking for a system that could monitor their scrap rate as they have a very high focus on quality and cosmetics. He also wanted a system that is easy to use and would give him and his team greater visibility and control and therefore efficiency (OEE). Customer service was also important to him. They found Intouch through the British Plastics Federation.


Since Implementing Intouch in 16 machines, they regularly use all the features. For example, the production team uses the scheduling function to prepare follow on jobs, the planning team adds jobs to the scheduling module and QA tracks the scrap on the reporting module.

‘The focus on the “scrap rate by reason” has allowed us to home in on each reason and tackle each one individually thus allowing us to reduce our scrap rate from 3.5% in December 2020 to 0.9% in April 2021’

‘The system, in my view, has been a revolution in our business by allowing the managers to keep a close eye on all aspects of our production and improving efficiency. It has also opened our eyes to the inefficiencies we were experiencing in 2020, enabling us to correct these’

‘The assistance in setting up has been excellent by John and Lucy and allowed us to install the system quickly and start seeing the benefits straight away’