Karl Edwin

Technical Director

I started at Intouch before there was an Intouch. I wrote the original Intouch program back in 1997 and I have been the principle architect and programmer of Intouch ever since. It probable sounds a bit predictable but I do really enjoy the programming side of my job. We have come up with some really quite ingenious solutions over the years and that is very rewarding. 

studied electronic engineering and Imperial College in London what seems like an age ago, and then spent a few years in the defence industry. I had the foresight years before that to go to school with John which provided the opportunity to set up our production monitoring company. Twenty something years later we are still going strong and innovating technically and commercially, and I’m still enjoying it most of the time. 

When it comes to stuff outside of work, I used to do a bit of boxing and kick boxing but it turned out I was crap. Nowadays I am crap and shooting and skiing instead. I also spend a lot of time trying to convince other people to come round and do work for free at my hobby farm, it turns out I’m quite good at that 😊.