Deliver intime
Deliver intime

Production Planning & Manufacturing Scheduling Software

Deliver to your customers on time with the Intouch production planning and manufacturing scheduling software.

The Intouch easy to use and intuitive production planning and scheduling software module shows users what has happened as well as what is coming up; allowing users to plan rather than react. The Intouch scheduling system allows you to see at a glance if production is slowing down or is stopped, adapt to any changes in production or add any late orders quickly and easily by using the drag and drop Gantt chart.

Key benefits of Intouch production planning & scheduling software

Clear view of your production schedule – what has happened and what is coming up

Deliver on time every time

Resource optimisation (labour, material, machine)

Reduced cycle times

Simple drag and drop Gantt chart makes rescheduling and adding new jobs easy

Late orders or machine downtime are flagged with alarms to prompt action

Operators can start, stop and complete tasks within a user specific agenda

Redirect orders to other lines if machine is down

Easily split orders

Plan equipment for each batch at every stage of production

Forecast stock requirements

Predict bottlenecks

Planning and Scheduling Software Screen

The job schedule view gives details of each job enabling operators on the shop floor to better prepare for upcoming tool and/ or colour changes and to significantly reduce changeover times. Jobs can be input manually or downloaded automatically from your existing manufacturing system.

The Gantt chart view provides a graphical visualisation of machine loading and capacity utilisation. Rescheduling is easily achieved through a simple drag and drop operation. 

Jobs on the Gantt chart can be highlighted for various reasons. For example, to identify tool changes, late jobs or resource clashes.

The plan takes your shift pattern into account, as well as any planned maintenance, overtime or shutdowns. 

Furthermore, each individual job can be forward scheduled or backward scheduled to highlight spare capacity.

“As a result of installing the system, last year we increased our efficiency by 2,000 hours”

Plastique Limited