Posted on 5 Oct 2020

You know what, we are not very comfortable with shouting about how good we are…we are British after all. So we thought, why not just let people try our system for themselves and they can decide whether they want to buy it.

So here it is..the INTOUCH 60 DAY FREE TRIAL.

Sign up is pretty straightforward. Click on the ‘free trial’ link on any page of our website. Fill in some details and then we contact you to get some basic information such as your company details, how many machines you use, the type of machines they are and some other ops information. We do some techy stuff back at Intouch HQ and then walk you through the process of getting your MES system up and running in no time.

What benefits can you expect to see with Intouch?

A production monitoring system can truly transform your manufacturing operation, but the key benefits are:

Reduction in Downtime

An MES helps reduce downtime (increase uptime) by having alerts and alarms whenever a machine stops, enabling an operator to sort the issue out quickly.

Reasons for downtime are also recorded, making analysis and problem solving easy.

You can also set up changeover alerts so operators can prepare the right tools and materials without needing downtime.

Increased Throughput

The Intouch scheduling Gantt chart highlights where bottlenecks are likely to occur as well as shows spare capacity, so the plan can be changed accordingly which increases throughput. Very handy when a customer asks for a last minute job!

Reduced Energy Use

With energy being a significant cost of manufacturing, keeping an eye on energy use and not wasting it when machines are lying idle is very important. Intouch identifies excessive energy users and they can be investigated through individual machine monitoring.

Alarms can be put in place to alert users that a machine has been left on when not in use and decisions can be made to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Increased Quality/ Reduction in Scrap

Intouch monitors quality to ensure that products are being made to specification and meet product safety standards.

It also flags failing processes and allows the user to react quickly to bad or non standard production – meaning problems are solved before too much material and time is wasted and quality and compliance is assured.

Better use of labour/ Reduced Overtime

Real-time monitoring removes the costs and errors of collecting production and process data manually and enables your personnel to use their time more efficiently whilst the high visibility motivates production staff to keep machines operational (can get quite competitive sometimes!).

About Intouch

We have been in business since 1997. We are very proud of our customer service. We are in over 300 sites worldwide. We have implemented Intouch in pretty much every type of manufacturing industry and process.

What our customers say about us

Plastics Parts DirectSince implementing the Intouch i4 Cloud, Monday morning start-up times have improved by 1 hour across all machines, cycle times have improved by 5-8%, uptime has been significantly improved and the real-time data has prompted us to buy a new machine and instantly we saw an increase of 30% in efficiency and cycle times and a reduction in power consumption too.’

OnePlastics Group,  ‘Intouch has without question increased our profitability’ and one of their blue chip customers quoted ‘The (Intouch) system gives you the point of difference compared to other suppliers.’

LVSAmazing product which has helped us scale whilst keeping on top of productivity’