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Production Monitoring Software - Factory & Production Line Monitoring Display Systems

Optimise your factory or production line with the Intouch production monitoring, process monitoring, quality monitoring and energy monitoring system.

The Intouch real-time production monitoring system harnesses the power of industry 4.0, transforming your plant into a smart factory. The touch of a button brings invaluable real-time visibility of your overall production line or particular workstation via the factory production display system. The flexible and easy to use Intouch system monitors production, process, quality and energy to deliver live and accurate information to any part of your factory. This clear view of what is happening on your shop-floor is crucial to making timely and optimum manufacturing decisions.

Real-Time Monitoring Dashboard showing live factory status

Users define which performance and measurement parameters to capture for each item or tooling configuration, thus providing flexibility to gather the unique, job-specific statistics you need to drive additional activities and processes.

Process data and key performance figures such as output speeds, run time, down-time, good/scrap production and utilisation are graphically displayed on fully configurable and tailored displays, reports and graphs that can be seen at a glance.

Production line monitoring dashboard

Real-time monitoring removes the costs and errors of collecting production and process data manually and enables your personnel to use their time more efficiently whilst the high visibility motivates production staff to keep machines operational.

Are my machines running or have any stopped?

What is the cycle time/speed and is the output speed acceptable?

How much material has been used and how much is still needed?

How much direct/indirect labour am I using/still need to use? Is this correct or can I fine tune it?

How many parts have been produced and how many have yet to be produced?

When will the job be finished and the machine be available for the next job?

Process monitoring

Process optimisation through monitoring.

Intouch monitors critical process data such as injection cushion, barrel temperature, baking time and everything that happens during production. Having real-time and accurate process data enables you to:

  1. Identify the reasons behind any production problems: Was the tool set correctly? Was the fill time too slow or the temperature too high?
    Rectify the problems immediately before too many resources are wasted and risking not meeting delivery deadlines

  2. Set controls that react to process variations and maintains processes at optimum operating conditions.
Production monitoring machine in use

Production quality monitoring

Intouch monitors product quality to ensure products are being made to specification, adhere to strict standards, reduce risk, improve compliance and traceability, meet product safety standards, raise quality and achieve a ‘zero defect’ policy.

Real-time quality monitoring:

  • flags failing processes and allows you to react quickly to bad or non standard production
  • enables future adjustment to ensure quality standards are met
  • boost profits as scrap rates are lower
  • details product specification documentation
  • forges better customer relationships as product quality is reliable

Production energy monitoring

With energy being a significant cost of manufacturing, keeping an eye on your energy use and not wasting it when machines are lying idle is important.

With the Intouch system, individual machine and asset energy monitoring makes it easy to identify excessive energy consumers and correctly allocate energy cost by person, machine, product, tool, material and production order. Alarms can be put in place to alert users that a machine has been left on when not in use and decisions can be made to significantly reduce energy consumption.

  • (Automatically & Accurately)  Monitor & Target Energy Consumption & Anomalies (By Machine/Asset/Job/Material)
  • Accurately & Continuously Monitor Base Load & Process Load
  • Stagger (Start-of-Week) Start-ups
  • More Accurately Monitor & Measure Peak Usage & Maximum Demand Against Available Capacity
  • Highlight Idle Machines (Heater Bands Running & Machine Not Running/No Work Scheduled)
  • Real-time Visual/E-mail Alerts/Control Outputs (For Quicker Response & Cost Reduction)