Be informed
Be informed
Real-time production reporting and advanced analytics

Easy-to-use and customisable reporting and analytics system to make the best OEE, production and business decisions.

Real-time production and process data is automatically and accurately recorded in the archive database and made available to the Intouch reporting and analytics modules. The data enables informed decisions to be made to streamline production operations and monitor key processes to better control final product quality and to achieve a ‘zero defect’ policy.

Reports can be configured for any selected time-period and available by machine, tool, product, workgroup or operator with many key performance figures (KPI) such as OEE, scrap, down-time or any other custom defined parameters.

MESi Manufacturing Execution System intelligence

The Intouch Business Intelligence Software.

Delve deep into reports and make sense of your production and process data with our new fully customisable, agile and flexible Intouch Business Intelligence software (MESi).

Designed to be intuitively used; sophisticated analytical dash-boards and reports are fully customisable and easily built allowing users to better interpret problems, answer questions, uncover opportunities and make optimal business decisions. 

The Intouch Reporting and Analytics module includes:

Fully configurable real-time production & process reporting that makes machine, tool, product, operator reporting & analysis simple & quick

Easy to understand and customisable graphically displayed dashboards

Uptime, downtime and scrap reporting with codes to improve compliance and quality

Real-time OEE calculations that highlight cost and time saving opportunities

Stock used reporting

Discrepancies flagging/reporting