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Average Machine Over-head Rate per Hour (Including Direct Labour)
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Available Work Hours per Machine per Week
Number of Working Weeks in Year
Current Utilization Figure (%)
Improve Current Utilization Figure in %
Customers typically report between 5-30% improvement in utilization.
New Utilisation Figure in %
Annual run hours with current utilization
Annual run hours with new utilization
Increased capacity (Hours)
Number of days to recoup annual subscription
Annual Cost Savings for same Output =
The annual subscription for an Intouch i4Cloud system for x machines is only
One-off XTX016C hardware cost for this system

There is a simple monthly fee per piece of equipment monitored by the system. Start with up to 16 machines and scale up as required. The following table shows price savings with volume:

Up to 16 machines
m/c 17 - 32 (per extra machine)
m/c 33 - 64 (per extra machine)
m/c 65 - 128 (per extra machine)
m/c 129 - 256 (per extra machine)
m/c 257 + (per extra machine)
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The Intouch i4Cloud can also help improve scrap rates, cycle efficiency and labour efficiency.

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