Improve your production energy efficiency. Reduce costs.

Energy is a valuable and expensive resource. If you’re seeking to lower your energy costs and increase competitiveness you need to understand your energy and waste consumption, to make improvements. An idle machine can still consume energy…

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Electric motors account for over 80% of the electricity used in Injection Moulding machines*

When idling, hydraulic moulding machines use between 52% and 97.5% of the full moulding energy consumption.

Real time energy consumption monitoring

Welcome to the future of energy consumption monitoring and energy waste reduction.

By monitoring your energy consumption in real time, you have access to critical data, which will enable you to fully optimise your consumption and reduce your costs.

Smart energy alerts to any device empowers you to take action, leading to greater efficiencies and reduction of costs.

Increased visibility = reduced waste

Our machine energy monitoring software digitally connects your machines and assets, to help you improve efficiency. Real-time energy consumption and historic data available on any device enables you to take appropriate actions 24/7.

Detect and analyse anomalies

Find your unknown. Do you know if one of your machines is consuming higher levels of energy than you would expect? Is like for like performance deteriorating?

Interactive graphs allow you to see and identify your unknowns and your anomalies to take action to improve efficiency and reduce consumption. Focus on what matters.

Peak load analysis

Our consumption analysis can be used to help you develop strategies and actions to avoid peak loads and reduce your costs in general.

Visibility allows you to find out when you are using the most energy and analyse which equipment is consuming the most at any given time.

from £5 per month, per machine

The Intouch Machine Energy Monitoring Module is an add-on of our production monitoring (MES) system. The energy module can be added for as little as £5 per machine/month


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  • Real-time energy consumption monitoring
  • Increased visibility = reduced waste
  • Detect and analyse anomalies
  • Peak load analysis