Our Story

25 years of keeping our customers intouch

Since its foundation in 1997, Intouch has remained totally focused on providing easy to operate, easy to learn, quick to install, flexible and affordable systems with outstanding customer service.

Our Story

In the beginning

Karl Edwin and John Hardwick founded Intouch in 1997 when John was a production manager who wanted to have a better grasp of what was going on in his shop floor. John was frustrated at spending an average of two days a week tediously poring over humanly collated and often incorrect production information. He wanted accurate data in real-time to make time and cost-saving production decisions but the systems available were too complicated to use, expensive and inflexible.


So together with Karl, his childhood friend and an electronic engineer graduate, they developed Intouch, an easy to use and understand production monitoring package that not only provides all the useful benefits of much higher priced systems but is also as flexible as the user wants it to be.

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First customer

Once an Intouch customer, always an Intouch customer.

Since our first customer Superfos Packaging in Kettering who continues to use Intouch in their plants all over Europe and the US, our manufacturing background and dedication to our customers means that we now have systems in over 300 plants worldwide across a large variety of industries and processes.

i4 Cloud

We launched the Intouch i4 Cloud in 2019 which provides all the benefits of Intouch but is accessible immediately and scalable and with very little upfront capital investment.

What now?

Intouch continues working in partnership with customers and we remain totally dedicated to the development, supply and support of powerful systems that help businesses grow and make the most of human, machine and material resources.

Ready to increase your productivity?

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