Empower your team and improve OEE

Help your production workers maximise their efficiency, maintain product quality, and uphold health and safety standards by providing access to real-time data and analytics.

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It all starts on the shop floor

Intouch production monitoring and scheduling software helps production workers take their skills to the next level.

Our accurate and easy-to-navigate dashboards help production to conduct quality checks, monitor equipment, and keep projects on schedule.

In a fast-moving environment, surrounded by expensive and potentially hazardous machinery, our system helps production workers maintain their equipment, monitor their output, and identify areas where they could improve.

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Production Tracking, Monitor, operate, and deliver with confidence

  • Track downtime, speed, and quality
  • Monitor machinery status and instantly identify equipment failures
  • Make dynamic changes to meet deadlines
  • Improve OEE and maintain health and safety protocol
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Constant communication and forward progress

The most effective production teams prioritise communication, adapt and improve their skills, and continually monitor their equipment to ensure output is never compromised.

With access to accurate, unbiased data and production monitoring tools, production workers can now have full visibility of the entire operation and receive alerts when key equipment fails.

Real-time feedback encourages the team to improve over time, maintain high standards, and meet safety guidelines with support from their supervisors and managers.

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Trusted by the best

Since our foundation in 1997, we’ve installed hundreds of systems worldwide and received some great feedback. Don’t just take our word for it!

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