August 2022 Update

intouch i4 -

New Modules Coming Soon!

  • A Beta version of the MESi Reporting module is now available within the browser client. The reports are initially being tested by a limited number of customers. Look out for further release notes which will notify you when they are on general release.
  • Testing continues on the beta versions of the Document Viewing and Label Printing on Demand modules within the browser client. We will notify you as soon as these are on general release. Once released, these are chargeable additions which can be included in your subscription plan.

New Features and Functionality

  • A new Intouch logo and loading screen has been launched across the system
  • The Shift Profile pop-up window now displays if a shift was “Worked” or “Not Worked”, and if this status has been changed on the Planner.


  • Visual improvements and functionality improvements have been made to the Recover Job pop up window
  • Visual improvements have also been made within the Cycle Profile graph

Various fixes & minor updates, including

  • Fix made to the Work To List Gantt Report, Work Order Report and Schedule Export to display the correct start time for running jobs
  • Fix within MESi reporting on the Windows Client to exclude invalidated data
  • Fix within PIN control function on adding comments via the Shift Profile
  • Fix for issue where downtime codes set were not carried over non-worked shifts to the next worked shift
  • Fix to stop codes entered, so they are now consistently applied from the start of the alarm period
  • Fix to the Shift Time Remaining mimic field

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