December 2022 Update

intouch i4 -

New Modules Now Available

  • The MESi Reporting module is now on general release within the browser client. Please click here to see the training videos (See section 6)
  • The Cycle Profile is also now available on general release within the browser client. The training video will be coming soon. Tips for navigation in the meantime:
  • Ctrl + mouse wheel zooms in and out on the vertical axis (cycle time)
  • Shift + mouse wheel zooms in and out on the horizontal axis (timeline)
  • When zoomed in on a shift, you can scroll left and right within the parameters of the shift using the left mouse button
  • Left mouse and drag can be used to scroll up and down the vertical axis
  • Right-click and select Reset Position to reset the graph to the original view
  • You can export the cycle values reported to calculate the average cycle time

New Features and Functionality

  • New button to generate cycle signals manually
  • New alternative method for determining whether jobs finish on time or not, based on Earliest Start Date
  • New functionality to allow the "Order Qty (Weight)" and "Material Balance Required" fields to be multiplied or divided, to display values in a different unit of measure


  • A text field can now be used to create a composite job on the job import
  • The fast, sow and stopped factors are now automatically updated when editing the standard cycle time of a job

Various fixes & minor updates, including

  • Fix to the Change Impressions button, to prevent a negative number being entered
  • Fix to the Labour Forecast Gantt report to exclude non-worked shifts
  • Fix to the Planner screen to ensure that shifts are displayed at the right time on the timeline irrespective of the zoom level / scroll position
  • Various fixes for signals collected when the internet connection is lost, to ensure that they are correctly recorded and reported on the Shift Profile. Note: this fix only applies to devices with this capability.
  • Fixes on the schedule:
  • Enable jobs containing ' and " characters in the data fields to be edited
  • Change to composite jobs to enable the standard cycle time to be edited, and to prevent changes to other fields from being copied to the other orders when editing a job
  • Change to ensure that composite jobs updated by the job import updates all orders if there are changes
  • Stop duplicate jobs being created when creating jobs via the template
  • Reset the "already made" field to 0 when copying a job
  • Allow editing of jobs with a US date format
  • Change to the Schedule export, so that it is possible to sum the fields in Excel
  • Fixes on the Shift Profile:
  • Prevent running periods from being changed to downtime
  • Change to correctly record the operator's name when entering a stop code via the Shift Profile if PIN functionality is enabled

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