January 2021 Update



  • Updated splash screen with new branding
  • New job scheduler on Browser client – BETA version
  • Configurable report tables
  • Standard download option which can exclude delimiting character encapsulated in quotes
  • Mimic editor improvements
  • Option to export machine name in schedule export to Excel
  • New mimic field – Order quantity by weight
  • Shift planner – BETA Version
  • MESi – ability to run reports by Tool Number filter
  • Ability to change period [Days/Weeks] in Recover Ended Job feature
  • Ability to scrap against composite jobs
  • Time scale improvements on Browser client
  • Using average cycle time for Energy Graph instead to minimum
  • Setup time highlighted on schedule

Bug fixes

  • MESi Export to Excel showing 0 values fixed
  • MESi – Reports show a line for composite jobs
  • MESi – Shift Tab displays shift names correctly
  • Points doubling up when scrolling/zooming on signal profile

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