May 2021 Update


What's New?

  • New version of parts import with additional fields
  • New functionality for customers to create users themselves within Intouch
  • Automatically downdate time remaining on live jobs – Scheduling only systems

New functionality and features within the browser client

  • New planner available within the browser client
  • Parts and Job download & recover ended jobs functionality in the Gantt
  • Prompt to Save / Discard changes when in edit mode and clicking on another machine
  • Ability to set user permissions within the Gantt
  • New “Add Job” button available when clicking on a machine in the Gantt
  • Keyboard shortcuts added within the Gantt


  • New browser login page design & built-in keyboard
  • New UI for job control and navigation in the browser client
  • MESi reports now display time to 2 decimal places
  • Actual metres per minute (MPM) value now displays to 2 decimal places

Bug fixes

  • System improvements for jobs with a long duration
  • Jobs no longer flash when being moved on the Gantt
  • Bug fixes within the calculator
  • Changeover start button now works in the browser client as it does in i4 client
  • Next job field fixes
  • Machine names now included when exporting the Gantt to Excel in the i4 client
  • Fix for shift change lines appearing incorrectly on shift profile
  • Fix for dates when exporting schedule to Excel
  • Changeover auto scrap whilst running
  • Fix to scroll bar on jobs on the details page on the browser client

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