May 2023 Update


New Features and Functionality

  • New preference setting for requesting a confirmation when deleting a job
  • New configuration for machines running perpetual jobs
  • New mimic and MESi fields for shift number of cycles
  • New energy efficiency calculation for Energy Module


  • Change to MESi Downtime and Reject reports, so that downtime and scrap codes with zero values are no longer shown
  • Change to speed up the login screen on XTX devices
  • The MESi Export report now formats dates as date fields and leading zeros are not lost when exporting to Excel
  • Change to the “Job Time Remaining” mimic field, to take account of the preferences for the “use current cycle time for calculating job time remaining” setting
  • Enhancement for Schedule-only systems so that the “Job Time Remaining” mimic field counts down when the job is started
  • Addition of the Order Balance field to the Work To List and Material Requirements Gantt reports
  • New setting available for Europe and decimal format
  • Ability to display additional data fields in the Cycle Profile and Cycle Profile export (e.g. Order Number, Part Code, Tool Code, Current / Standard Impressions)

Various fixes & minor updates, including

  • Fix to stored cycles process, so that Good Parts count is updated without the need to update the browser page
  • Fix to Job Elapsed Time, Job Run Time, Job Down Time and Job Number of Stops mimic fields to only display data if a job is being run
  • Fix to the schedule preferences, to display what has been selected in Machine field 1 and Machine field 2 correctly

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