November 2021 Update 2

intouch i4 -

What's New?

  • Stopped time is now displayed from last cycle
  • New mimic and MESi report fields for number of stops
  • New functionality within schedule to select first and last job (Shift + mouse click to select) which also selects all jobs in between
  • Second OEE calculation available which enables downtime codes to be excluded from the calculation


  • Machines are labelled as “Running” on the browser client when they are running
  • Improvements to the Shift Profile display for multiple shift patterns
  • Improvements to appearance of the machine picker menu on Shift Profile
  • Gantt reports now resize automatically if the navigator pane is open
  • Capacity Gantt report now includes customisable low capacity threshold and low capacity indicator fields
  • Date formats are now consistent between the Shift Profile, Event Viewer and Gantt Reports

Improvements to the date picker functionality throughout the system

  • Current date and date range selected is now highlighted
  • Blocked out future dates on Shift Profile and Event Viewer
  • Blocked out past dates on Gantt reports
  • Pressing Tab now moves forwards between time fields
  • Pressing Shift+Tab now moves backwards between time fields


  • Fix for issue causing discrepancy on shift to date OEE and MESi this shift
  • Fix for issue on high resolution screens where incorrect job was being selected when moving jobs
  • Fix for date picker on Event Viewer & Gantt Reports which was closing entire screen
  • Further fix to occasional issue on Shift Profile causing retrospective stop code changes to change an incorrect time period

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